Oklahoma Safety Council Video Library

OSC Members may use the largest safety & health video library in Oklahoma for FREE! It's as simple as making a PHONE CALL to either office, or you can make your request on-line in our Oklahoma City or Tulsa Offices

Reservation Procedures

Please book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of your selection. Specify the video, dated required, and shipping information. Members located in the metro areas must pick up their videos. If you are outside the metro areas and unable to pick up you selection(s), OSC will mail them to you via UPS. If next day delivery is necessary due to last minute booking, the full charge for this expedited shipping will be charged to you. Return shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the user

Returning Procedures

To avoid being charged a late fee, OSC must receive the video(s) on or before the due date. The shipping paper accompanying the video indicated the dates of the loan period, the date by which OSC must receive the video in our office, and the amount for which it is insured. In the event of late video returns, OSC reserves the right to charge a full week's late fee for each week or fraction thereof.


OSC will hold users liable for damage resulting from abuse. Users are responsible for replacement cost necessitated by the loss or excessive damage of the video(s)


As a service to our members, the Oklahoma Safety Council maintains a video library. This library was developed for MEMBER companies to use when training their employees ONLY. The videos cannot be used for or distributed to "clients" of members, or subsidiary companies of members. Any violation of this policy will result in the loss of video library privileges, fines, and/or legal action.

Videos may not be transferred from one organization to another, nor may they be televised. If the video(s) being offered for FREE by the OSC is being used for revenue producing activity (consulting/training) then it is subject to the rental fees below. Copying of videos is a violation of copyright and is strictly prohibited and penalized. Loan usage begins the day mailed from the OSC office through the day returned to the OSC office.

(per title/per loan period) Loan Period (10 days) No Charge Additional Weeks (7 days) $50.00 each


Booking and/or use of a video from the OSC Video Library constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions outlined above.

The OSC maintains two separate video libraries, one in Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa. As a member you may check out videos from either.