About the Oklahoma Safety Council

Oklahoma Safety Council Mission

The Oklahoma Safety Council is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, public service organization which promotes the adoption of safety, health, and environmental practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic loss.


The OSC was established in 1947 as a non-profit organization. The OSC was a privately supported organization to act as the central headquarters for all Oklahoma Safety Activities. The OSC played a vital role in the safety field by doing the following:

  • Coordinated safety activities in all fields.
  • Promoted better legislation for accident prevention.
  • Improved engineering and enforcement techniques on both state and local levels.
  • Disseminated safety material to newspapers, radios and television stations, magazines, industry, and safety conscious individual organizations.
  • Conducted conferences and meetings designed to eliminate the cause of accidental injury and death.
  • Acted as state contact for the National Safety Council.
  • Established and guide local safety council's.
  • Advised cities, businesses and individuals on safety problems.

The OSC was one of the strongest proponents of a Uniform Traffic Code, which was adopted by the State Legislature and brought Oklahoma up to a level recommended by the National Safety Council.

In the beginning there were 17 local safety councils, the OSC was instrumental in starting or guiding these councils. In the beginning, membership was available to anyone. Some of the individual contributors subscribed annually for $5 per year. Many larger corporations invested $1500 per year in the future of Oklahoma through the OSC.

In 1953, the OSC established the, "Let's Save Two Lives" campaign. Designed along the familiar pledge "signing format, the theme of saving TWO lives, Yours and Mine seemed to appeal even more than the popular "The life you save may be your own" idea. Originally, it was planned to have 40,000 signatures on the pledge sheet, and materials were printed in that quantity. However, with the aid of the state American Legion posts, Tinker Air Force Base, Industrial Members of the OSC, and word-of-mouth publicity, three additional printings were necessary. Within three months, 122,000 Oklahomans had signed pledges, and 122,000 "Let's Save Two Lives" stickers were on the rear windows of vehicles throughout the state. We couldn't estimate the number of accidents which may have been prevented nor lives saved by this campaign. We DO know that at least 122,000 Oklahomans stopped long enough to think about safety, sign a pledge, and place a sticker on their vehicles. Some may even have driven a little more carefully. Oklahoma saved 50 lives in 1953 and that's no accident.

Today, the OSC has a membership base of more than 700 businesses throughout our state. Some of our members include Integris Health, Sinclair, AEP/PSO, The Noble Foundation, Johnson Controls, Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores, Chesapeake Energy, OG&E, ONEOK, Bama Companies, Dolese Bros. Co, Sunoco, The Williams Companies and OPUBCO.

  • Board Of Directors

    • Brittain, Houston
      Miller Truck Lines
    • Bruner, LaFonda
      St John Health System
    • Charqueno, Patricia
      McCoy Tree Surgery
    • Claravall, Lester
      OK Department of Labor
    • Darr, Steve
    • Finley, David
    • Foster, Milana
      PEO Brokers Group
    • Halkovitch, Bob
      Seaboard Foods
    • Hightower, Charles
      Enable Midstream
    • John, Gabriel
      Xerox Corp
    • Johnston, Craig
      Johnston Law Firm
    • King-Reeder, Cheryl
      Oklahoma Surgial Hospital
    • Lacy, Robin
    • Mobley, Gerald
      Airgas USA, LLC
    • Mooney, Gerri
      Denali, Inc
    • Nieuwenhuis, Jason
      Devon Energy Corporation
    • Pokorny, Michael
    • Schroeder, Stephanie
      Federal Aviation Administration
    • Travis, Beverly
      Presbyterian Health Foundation
    • West, Jerry
      Oklahoma One-Call System
    • Young, William
    • Advisory Board

    • Abernathy, Clayton
      American Eagle Safety
    • Adams, Tim
      OKCFD Retired
    • Williams, Robert
      Noble Foundation
    • Pratt, Ed
      Midlands Management
    • Harris, Gayle
      Willis North America